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BeneCare Thumb and Wrist Brace

BeneCare Thumb and Wrist Brace
 BeneCare Thumb and Wrist BraceBeneCare Thumb and Wrist Brace 
  • Suitable for a range of different conditions and ailments
  • Breathable material designed for comfort
  • Holds the wrist and thumb in a neutral position
  • Easy to apply due to Velcro fastenings


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Brand:  BeneCare

BeneCare Thumb and Wrist Brace

Designed to ensure that the thumb and wrist are in a natural position, the BeneCare Thumb and Wrist Brace can increase the rate of recovery from injuries as diverse as arthritis, overuse injuries and tendonitis. Gentle compression can encourage blood flow to key areas within the hand, while the breathable liner and padded lining guarantee comfort while you are wearing the brace.

What Is the Thumb and Wrist Brace For?

The BeneCare Thumb and Wrist Brace is designed to stabilise the key areas in your hand, your thumb and your wrist. By stabilising these key areas, you can encourage the rate of recovery while reducing the levels of pain felt. Injuries that this brace is suitable for include:

  • Acute injury
  • Arthritis of the thumb
  • Arthritis of the first CMC joint
  • Avoids restriction at MCP joints
  • Basal joint arthritis
  • CMC arthritis
  • CMC instability
  • Complex instabilities
  • Controls thumb abduction
  • De Quervain's Tenosynovitis (De Quervain's Syndrome)
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Degenerative irritation
  • Gamekeeper's thumb
  • General weakness
  • Gout
  • Hypertonicity
  • Immobilisation to relieve pain
  • Inflamed/swollen tendons
  • Injury prevention
  • Joint effusion
  • Juvenile chronic arthritis
  • Luxation
  • MCP joint irritation
  • Mild spasticity of the wrist/hand
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteonecrosis of the wrist
  • Overuse injuries
  • Pain/Instability of thumb extensors/abductors
  • Post surgical repair
  • Post operative conditions
  • Post-traumatic conditions
  • Pre-operative
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Restricts movement at CMC and MCP joints
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Rhizarthrosis
  • Scaphoid fracture
  • Scapholunate instability
  • Scapholunate tear
  • Severe CMC arthrosis
  • Skier's thumb
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Stabilises MCP joint
  • Stabilises thumb basal joint
  • Stener lesion
  • Supports and aligns MCP joints
  • Swelling and oedema
  • Tendinopathy
  • Tendomyopathy
  • Tendopathy
  • Tendovaginitis (inflamed tendon)
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Thumb basal joint irritation
  • Thumb saddle joint irritation
  • UCL injury
  • UCL lesion
  • Weakness of the thumb joint
  • Worn cartilage
  • Wrist and thumb joint distortion

Which Size Should I Choose?

BeneCare's Wrist and Thumb Brace is available in four different sizes so you can get the support you need. To find out which size will be your best fit, measure the circumference of your wrist and consult the table below. The support is available for your left or right hand.

Size Wrist Circumference
Small 14 - 16cm
Medium 16 - 18cm
Large 18 - 20cm
Extra Large 20 - 22cm

How Does the BeneCare Neoprene Wrist Brace Work?

The BeneCare Neoprene Wrist Brace supports your wrist and your thumb. It does this because it recognises that the key to recovery from injuries in your hand is to provide stabilisation and support to both areas, as both areas are connected. By providing support and compression, blood flow is increased, movement is reduced, and the patient is well on the way to recovery.

How Easy Is the BeneCare Wrist and Thumb Brace to Wear?

Anyone who is suffering from a wrist and thumb injury can use the brace, and you don't need a professional to help you fit it either. You can simply slide your hand into the brace like a sleeve, before placing your thumb through the thumb socket. Once it's in place, it will stay in place, ensuring that you can continue from the start of the day to the end free from pain.

What Are the Key Features Of the BeneCare Wrist and Thumb Brace?

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Soft Lycra lining for comfort
  • Breathable material for better ventilation
  • Contoured along the distal palmar crease for 90° MCP removal
  • Adjustable aluminium stay to immobilise the wrist
  • Easy to apply
  • Velcro fastenings allow easier adjustment
  • Provides support and stability
  • Holds wrist and thumb in neutral position

Please Note: Left and Right variants are sold separately.

Wash and Care Instructions

The BeneCare Wrap can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C. The support should then be air dried and should not be put in a tumble drier.

Delivery Information

The BeneCare Thumb and Wrist Brace is usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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