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BeneCare Swedish AFO

BeneCare Swedish AFO
BeneCare Swedish AFOBeneCare Swedish AFOBeneCare Swedish AFO
  • Designed to prevent foot drop orthosis
  • Especially suitable for post-stroke patients
  • Special polypropylene designed to mould to the leg
  • Suitable for trimming to ensure a catered fit
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Brand:  BeneCare

BeneCare Swedish AFO

The BeneCare Swedish AFO is a comfortable, low profile pre-fabricated leaf spring design to correct flaccid foot drop, especially on post stroke patients. Injection moulded polypropylene allows for different thickness throughout the orthosis which provides rigidity on the vertical aspect and flexibility on the footplate for ease of trimming and comfort. 

What Is the BeneCare Swedish AFO For?

The BeneCare Swedish AFO is for mild to moderate foot drop, particularly during post-stroke rehabilitation. Easily trimmable, this foot drop prevention AFO can be trimmed to fit a wide range of different users. Suitable conditions include:

  • Mild foot drop
  • Moderate foot drop
  • Post-stroke patients
  • Foot drop secondary to other neurological pathologies
  • Allowing users to wear shoes

Which Size Should I Choose?

Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Small Size 1 - 3.5 Size 33 - 36
Medium Size 4 - 7 Size 37 - 40
Large Size 7.5 - 9.5 Size 41 - 44
Extra Large Size 10 - 14 Size 45 - 48

Why Does the BeneCare AFO Offer a Catered Fit?

With the BeneCare AFO you can the injection moulded polypropylene allows for different thicknesses along the orthosis, ideal for ensuring a catered and specific size. However, the footplate on the bottom of the device can be trimmed, to ensure flexibility, comfort and a catered fit. The combination of moulded polypropylene and a trimmable sole ensures that the foot will foot most users.

How Do I Wear the BeneCare AFO?

Wearing the Swedish AFO is relatively easy, and requires sliding the patient's foot into the device and hooking the strap over the base of the foot. Once the patient's foot has been fitted into the device, they can walk as normal with their foot secured in place by the AFO.

  • Injection moulded for a high quality finish
  • Easily trimmed footplate
  • Modifiable using heat gun

How Can the BeneCare Swedish AFO Improve Life Quality?

If you do suffer from foot drop, walking can become more and more difficult. To tackle uneven gait, the BeneCare AFO can keep both feet at the same level, ideal for walking the day and continuing with tasks. By reducing abnormality in walking, the BeneCare Swedish AFO can help people regain their confidence.

What Are the Key Features of the BeneCare AFO?

  • Reduce the impact of foot drop for post-stroke patients
  • Improve walking gait and quality of life
  • Trim the sole to ensure a secure fit
  • Enables users to wear shoes and trainers

Further Information

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