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Basic HSE Workplace First Aid Kit Refill Materials

Basic HSE Workplace First Aid Kit Refill Materials
Options: HSE First Aid Kit (1 - 10 Persons)Options: HSE First Aid Kit (11 - 20 Persons)Options: HSE First Aid Kit (21 - 50 Persons)
  • Use as a mandatory HSE backup
  • All materials approved by professionals
  • Provides immediate replenishment of your original basic HSE kit
  • Different quantities to accommodate difference sized containers
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Basic HSE Workplace First Aid Kit Refill Materials

As an employer, you cannot afford to be left in the lurch when there is an emergency but the office first aid kit isn't fully stocked up. The Basic HSE Workplace First Aid Kit Refill Materials will supply you with an immediate refreshment of your original first aid kit when stocks are running low.

Mandatory HSE Backup

Every employer is obligated to have a mandatory backup stock of HSE first aid materials for when they run out of stock. The refills can be used with whichever basic regulation HSE kit previously purchased, so long as the refill quantities match the size of your existing box.

Refill Quantities

Depending on the size of your First Aid container, you will require one of the following quantities:

Materials 1-10 persons 11-20 persons 21-50 persons

Guidance leaflet

1 1 1
Cleansing wipes 6 10 20
Eye pad dressings 2 4 6
HSE large dressings 2 3 4
HSE medium dressings 6 9 12
Gloves (pairs) 1 2 3
Assorted waterproof plasters 20 40 60
Safety pins 8 12 16
Triangular bandages 4 6 8

Delivery Information

The Basic HSE Workplace First Aid Kit Refill Materials are usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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