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Apex Pro-Care Bariatric Pressure Relief Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System

Apex Pro-Care Bariatric Pressure Relief Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System
Apex Pro-Care Bariatric Pressure Relief Alternating Air Mattress Replacement SystemApex Pro-Care Bariatric Pressure Relief Alternating Air Mattress Replacement SystemApex Pro-Care Bariatric Pressure Relief Alternating Air Mattress Replacement SystemApex Pro-Care Bariatric Pressure Relief Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System
  • Multi-functional bariatric mattress suitable for very high risk patients
  • Provides dynamic alternating air therapy for bariatric pressure care patients
  • Designated heel zone allows carers to 'float' the heels for maximum relief
  • Unique cell design and range of features allow for individually targeted care
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Brand:  Apex Medical
Pressure Relief Level:  Very High Risk

Apex Pro-Care Bariatric Pressure Relief Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System

Preventing and treating pressure sores in bariatric patients will often present unique challenges, meaning pressure care mattresses must be well equipped with a range of features and additional pressure relief capacity. The Apex Pro-Care Bariatric Pressure Relief Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System is a high specification dynamic mattress system designed with a range of features to make pressure management as simple and effective as possible for carers and bariatric patients alike. Equipped with a unique weight setting system, multiple cycle time intervals and unique air cell design, this mattress is suitable for use by bariatric patients at high to very high risk of pressure sore development.

This mattress is available with a choice of two widths to suit different beds. Select your desired width using the drop-down menu above.

Key Features

  • Advanced alternating mattress suitable for very high risk bariatric pressure patients
  • Suitable for all stages of bariatric pressure care from ulcer prevention to severe ulcer management
  • Includes a number of advanced features while remaining simple to use with intuitive controls
  • Intuitive weight setting system allows carers to set patient's weight at the touch of a button
  • Weight can be set between 40kg and 450kg, with multiple cycle times for different care programmes
  • Designed to comply with the most stringent infection control guidelines to ensure excellent hygiene
  • Features a designated heel zone allowing carers to 'float' the heel for 100% pressure relief
  • Comfort tuning allows for fine adjustments by the carer for unrivalled comfort
  • Cell-in-cell QubiCell design provides especially high levels of weight distribution and support
  • Rectangular sacral cells offer more support and comfort to this vulnerable area
  • Equipped with alternating, static, max firm and seat inflate modes for highly versatile care
  • Provides dynamic comfort and skin breakdown prevention with alternating therapy
  • Antimicrobial filter ensures air intake is as clean as possible to protect pump integrity
  • Air cells are modular and independently removable to aid with infection control
  • Static cells at the head end help to provide additional patient stability
  • CPR dials at head end are designed to be highly visible for immediate emergency response
  • Cable management system helps to eliminate tripping hazards from the area
  • Anchoring straps allow for secure attachment to the existing bed frame
  • Transport mode with simple click-in design for easy use and cleaning
  • Low pressure and power failure alarms alert carers of important faults
  • Alarm buzzer mute option provides minimal distraction during nursing procedures
  • Lock out mode prevents settings changes and unwanted tampering
  • Vapour-permeable cover is included to protect the mattress and aid in infection control
  • Cover includes a 360° zip and non-slip base for hygiene and stability

Dedicated Heel Cells

The most vulnerable areas of a patient's body will require special attention when pressure sore risk is severe, which is why this mattress has been created with specially designed cells for the heels. Since individual heel cells can be deflated, carers can adjust the mattress to create a 'floating heel' effect that will completely eliminate pressure on the vulnerable area. This pressure offloading allows caregivers to comply with EPUAP guidelines for pressure relief in the heel area.

Pro-care auto pressure relief mattress heel cells
The heel cells can be isolated to allow carers to 'float' the patient's heels, completely offloading pressure

Range of Cell Modes

The Pro-Care Bariatric Mattress is equipped with a multitude of different modes of operation, making it highly capable for its price. These modes include:

  • Alternating Therapeutic Mode: Continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates air cells for excellent pressure redistribution
  • Seat Inflate Mode: Increases pressure when patient is sitting upright to provide ideal support for the sacral area
  • Max Firm Mode: Hyper inflates all cells to provide a stable surface for transfers and other nursing procedures. This mode will revert back to Alternating Therapeutic Mode after 20 minutes for patient safety.
  • Static Mode: An immersion process that addresses areas of especially high contact pressure. By reducing the mattress the one third pressure across the entire surface, body mass is redistributed over a greater surface.

Cell-in-Cell QubiCell Design

This mattress is designed with cell-in-cell QubiCell technology, ensuring the patient is well supported throughout the length of the mattress. The rectangular design of these cells provides higher levels of comfort, pressure relief and weight distribution, and provides particularly robust relief in the sacral area. Each cell in independently removable with a modular design, allowing for effective infection control and hygiene maintenance.

Pump Fault Alarms

The pump of this mattress is equipped with a number of alarms to enhance patient safety, including low pressure, power failure and service fault indications. These alarms will sound to immediately alert the caregiver of any problems, allowing them to quickly respond to remedy the situation. A lock out mode is also included, helping to prevent any unwanted tampering or setting changes.

Vapour Permeable Cover

To enhance both infection control and patient comfort, the Pro-Care Bariatric is supplied with a vapour-permeable, water-resistant, four-way stretch cover. This cover protects the mattress while helping to reduce shear and friction forces on the patient, and is designed with a white underside to make detection of strike through simple.

Technical Information

  • Maximum patient weight: 450kg
  • Minimum patient weight: 40kg
  • Mattress dimensions (LxWxD): 200 x 107 / 122 x 25.4cm
  • Mattress weight: 11.6kg
  • Cycle time: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 minutes
  • Pump dimensions (LxWxD): 29.1 x 20 x 11.7cm
  • Pump weight: 2.2kg
  • Voltage: AC220 - 240V, 50Hz; AC: 120V / 60Hz
  • Fire retardancy: BS 7175 Crib 7

Please note: While the image above displays the Pro-Care Bariatric in use with a profiling bed, it is supplied on its own without a bed.

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