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Aerolight-Xtra Premium Folding Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp

Aerolight-Xtra Premium Folding Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp
 Aerolight-Xtra Premium Folding Suitcase Wheelchair RampAerolight-Xtra Premium Folding Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp 
  • Stable ramp available in a range of sizes
  • Ideal for increasing access in public locations
  • Transportable folding ramp for thresholds, kerbs, and steps
  • Light in design with a reflective lip for low-light situations
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Brand:  RampCentre

Aerolight-Xtra Premium Folding Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp

While ramps may at first appear costly to install or cumbersome to transport, the Aerolight range of ramps have been designed to offer a practical, lightweight approach to increasing access to buildings and public spaces. The Aerolight-Xtra Premium Folding Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp is suitable for virtually any wheeled mobility aid, and can be purchased in a choice of sizes to best suit individual requirements.

Suitable for Most Individuals and Businesses

The Aerolight-Xtra Folding Wheelchair Ramp has been designed to support virtually all types of wheelchairs, rollators, and scooters, including two- to six-wheel models. This versatility will be particularly useful for care environments, local businesses, and residential homes where any number of individuals with reduced mobility may be required to access the area while relying on a wheeled mobility aid.

As the special tapered lip shape of the ramp has been designed to fit into narrower doorways, it can be used with a wider range of public and private buildings. It can accommodate openings as narrow as 28.1" (71.4cm), and can also facilitate entry from an angle.

Dependable Design

Not only has the wheelchair ramp been designed for use in a wide range of places and situations, but it has also been created to provide optimal dependability. With a full-width anti-slip surface, it can enable a sturdy and stable full-width-grip platform that both walking users and individuals with reduced mobility can use to ascend steps or kerbs.

The Aerolight-Xtra also offers an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. The maximum weight capacity will depend on the size of ramp used; there are seven lengths of ramp available, with the following corresponding weight and capacity:

Length (foot/cm) Capacity (kg/stone) Ramp Weight (kg/stone)
2' (60cm) 450kg (71 stone) 4.7kg (10lb)
3' (90cm) 450kg (71 stone) 6.5kg (14lb)
4' (120cm) 400kg (63 stone) 8.3kg (18lb)
5' (150cm) 350kg (55 stone) 10.1kg (22lb)
6' (180cm) 350kg (55 stone) 11.9kg (26lb)
7' (210cm) 300kg (47 stone) 13.7kg (30lb)
8' (240cm) 250kg (39 stone) 15.5kg (34lb)

The required ramp length can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Increased Safety

To enhance safety for individuals, the Aerolight-Xtra Wheelchair Ramp has been designed to be more user friendly in a wide range of situations. The ramps are lightweight, ranging from 4.7kg to 15.5kg depending on ramp length, which means that they can be manoeuvred with ease into position whenever required.

The ramp also includes a contrasting colour edge strip and a reflective lip feature to improve safety in situations with lower light. This will be particularly important for when individuals with already-reduced mobility are using the ramp, helping to guide them in the right direction while reducing the risk of tripping over the edges of the ramp.

Folding for Transport and Storage

Unlike many other wheelchair ramps, the Aerolight-Xtra can be folded in half to form a carrycase suitcase design. This clips together for convenient and compact storage, and the handles allow it to be transported around a building or to a new location with ease.

Technical Specifications

  • Lip width: 71.4cm (28.1")
  • Ramp width (excluding handles): 76cm (30")

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Delivery Expectations

The Aerolight-Xtra Premium Folding Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp is usually dispatched by 24 - 48 hour courier.

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